Man Covers Hole in Couch with Blanket

When Lance Jeffers arrived home from work, he was shocked and dismayed to discover his new puppy Lockjaw had nibbled on something other than her toys.  Instead of finding an opening with the new girl at the office as he’d hoped, he came home to find an opening in his couch.

“I just can’t understand it” exclaimed a devastated Jeffers.  “I mean, her bone was RIGHT THERE.”

Ever the resourceful man, Jeffers set forth in search of a solution, settling on something so common even a baby has one.

“I decided to cover up the hole with a blanket.  It’s sort of the same color, just different and if I get cold, it’s like having a blanket delivery service because it’s already there.”

Rather than fall victim to the puppy’s wrath, Jeffers saw a silver lining.

“When you cover up the hole, it’s like it’s not even there.  I think I’m going to use that everywhere in life.”

There has been no word if Lockjaw continues to chew on random objects.


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