6/30 #NaPoWriMo #30×30

There are those 

who are swallowed by the stage

Shrinking violets 

That wilt under the spotlight 

like a post-Valentine’s 

street-side bouquet 

Petals of potential 

hastily scattered

Crumbling at the touch 

like dreams 

Another victim

Drops off the scene

The verdict comes swiftly

The stage does not wait

to be asked 

It’s honesty is unsolicited

and unforgiving 

Holding careers and confidence 

In it’s hands 

Like hourglass sands

But there are those 

Who seek solace in it’s embrace

Lay foundations with each 

footstep and call it 


Who consider it family

For it’s the only honest voice

They’ve ever known

And if you’re fortunate

You’ll catch a glimpse

Of clumsy caterpillars

Blossoming into butterflies

Witness transformations

That defy both logic and senses

But but make perfect sense 

To our hearts


Engulfed with the burning desire

To make their mark

If you wish to look God in the eye

Witness one of his creations 

In it’s natural habitat 

Notice how it wears it’s skin

Like a prom dress

How it’s never startled

by the sound of it’s own voice 

Nay; It roars

There are those 

Who are swallowed by the stage

And there are those

Who birth wings 

and ascend

to unimaginable heights

On the food chain


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