4/30 #NaPoWriMo #30×30

My daughter is a whirlwind

Thirty-four inches of tickle fight

Tumbling off couches

One inch for every month 

She’s been on this Earth

As of the moment these words

emanate from my pen

Scratch that

My fingertips

Because my daughter is a modern girl

And while she may never know it

She designs your technology 

For it is little fingers like hers 

That create the need to do things like: Disable in-app purchases

She is a manic meld

Of temper tantrum

And cupcake smile

But if you ever “accidentally”

Pick up her juice box 

You better 

Let it Go

Let it Go

Or rest assured

You will be severely scolded

with wagging finger

And you better not sing her song

Especially on karaoke night 

Or prepare to have your mic snatched 

And your heart


by pouty lips

and scrunched up faces

My daughter is a master negotiator 

Clasped tightly in her hand is a string at which she gently tugs 

Until it gyroscopes my heart

Giving way to her demands

with turnstile efficiency 

And I’m sure you’re 


for the twist, the turn

But my daughter melts hearts 

straight, no chaser undiluted

And if you think 

I’d ever leave her side

You’re deluded

She is

Living proof that there are 

No mistakes

No accidents 

She is an oasis

of Chicken Soup for the Soul

And I’m mainlining

For every day she injects purpose into my pulse with poetic precision

Since the moment she was mobile 

She’s brought me a daily bucket

full of randomness 

Exclaims “Happy Birthday”

Then takes it back 

so she can do it again

I don’t know if she’s pretending 

Or if she just thinks 

“Happy Birthday”

is something you say 

To show someone that

You love them

But I could care less

As long as her little heart

keeps giving 

She doesn’t just create

Live action screenplays 

that capture my breath 

She’s the director 

Behind the moments 

that make life worth living


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