The Power to Choose (30/30 #12 NaPoWriMo)

I’ve never been a fan of re-writes
Never been one to conduct my editing inside the walls of a clinic
This is the script God gave me
A real-life Choose Your Own Adventure 
Once chosen
There is no going back to the beginning
No skipping ahead to ensure the outcome is favorable 
This is the path that lies before me
One full of infinite possibilities 
It’s unfortunate that as humans our minds can’t grasp the concept 
It’s so much more convenient when things are black and white
Call me colorblind
For it seems I only see varying shades of grey
I don’t know where this road leads
If it’s full of pot-holes
Or if a pot of gold awaits at the end of the rainbow
Only time will tell if I chose the correct path 
Suffice it to say
I’m still praying for a happy ending


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