A New Definition (30/30 #5 NaPoWriMo)

I’d like to believe I’m no longer a slave to anger
My polygraph pulse tells me that’s not the case
After all, anger is the herpes of human emotions
Laying dormant beneath the surface
Only to rear it’s ugly head
It can be treated, but there is no cure
And I go from 0-60 with a swiftness
That would make me the envy of engineers
If you listen closely
You can hear the motion of my machinery
There’s no need to throw gasoline on the fire
When alcohol burns with equal fury
So I avoid liquor like the plague
Oh, I might take a shot on occasion
If you should see this, run
It will always end badly
If the liquor is brown, dial 911

You would think an angry person
Would know why they’re angry
And you would be wrong
I’ve asked myself a thousand times
I might as well have been asking
“Why’s the sky blue?”
I allowed it to define me
Please forgive me, I’m not Catholic
So this poem is my confession
I’ve thrown blows and broken bones
Don’t get it twisted
They were my own
Walls and doors can sometimes be unforgiving
You would think
The inability to pick up a guitar
Would be six month lesson
To a lifetime musician
And it’s true
I do think twice these days
But every now and then
It’s the third time that’s the charm
Progress is measured in diminishing bruises

My knuckles have escaped unscathed for awhile now
The blessing of a surrogate fatherhood
Has forced me to learn patience
I would have never guessed
My guardian angel
Would be six years old
And half Puerto Rican
But when it comes to some faces
Anger wilts in their presence
My motto was once
“Patience is a virtue
But it ain’t one of mine”
I want to believe
One day it will define me


One thought on “A New Definition (30/30 #5 NaPoWriMo)

  1. Talicha J. says:

    I really like this poem, very honest and of course the writing is great. Nice job poet!

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