Knowing is Half the Battle (30/30 # 3 NaPoWriMo)

Procrastination eats me like a virus
Swallowing inspiration with porn-star-efficiency
Consuming potential victims
The way a mantis devours her mate
Head first
Permanently stunting the growth of ideas
Before they’d sentenced into seedling stanzas
This blank sheet of paper is a wasteland
“There is no time like the present”
I tell my pen on a daily basis
And yet every day she gets the call
I’m working late at the office
I haven’t touched her in months
I’m too busy having an affair with apathy

If only I worked at being a writer
Like I work at getting a nut
Or catching a buzz
I might live the dream
Be able to do what I love for a living
But you can’t deposit good intentions
And although words come to me like oxygen
I treat them like a fine aged wine
Saving them for special occasions
Apparently even the sudden death of my mother
Didn’t give me a sense of urgency
And so I wait
Standing at a post-apocalyptic bus stop
Waiting on the #9
Hey, look
I think that’s it up around the bend


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